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Whoa! Brewers actually beat Ryan Dempster 3-2!

W: Chris Narveson (7-6)
L: Ryan Dempster (7-8)
S: John Axford (28)

HR: Ramirez (19)

MVP: Kameron Loe (+.339)
LVP: Chris Narveson (-.151)

Win Expectancy Graph

If you missed the first inning of this game, you missed a whole lot. And by "a whole lot," I mean all of the scoring.

It looked like it was going to be a slugfest from the start, as Aramis Ramirez gave the Cubs an early lead with a 2-run homer of starter Chris Narveson.

But their lead didn't last long. The Crew fired back with three runs in the bottom of the first with a bloop RBI double from Ryan Braun and a 2-RBI triple by Casey McGehee. The Brewers collected four hits in that inning off Ryan Dempster, matching the number of hits they collected against Dempster in their last start against him in May.

Things got a little dicey (and by "a little," I mean very) in the sixth inning for Narveson. He loaded the bases with a single, double and a walk before recording an out. Ron Roenicke made the curious decision to bring in Kameron Loe. But Loe did his best Houdini impression and managed to get out of the inning with two ground balls, including a double play.

LaTroy Hawkins, Francisco Rodriguez, and John Axford finished off the game to secure the win. Axford's save, which was a little more exciting thanks to a Rickie weeks error, was his 25th save in a row. The feat ties him with Doug Jones for the franchise record for consecutive saves. 

The offensive star of the night was Ryan Braun, who was the only Brewer to collect more than one hit. And he collected three.