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Brewers 2, Cubs 0: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On Rickie Weeks:

He's having an MRI, he's probably either done with it or still in there right now, and I just saw Dr. Raasch and he's going to look at those films and see where we are and how long it's going to be.

When asked for an estimate on Weeks' absence:

No, I don't really want to do that. He's going to be out a while. This isn't going to be just a couple days. He's going to be out a while.

When asked to compare this game to the night of the Carlos Gomez injury:

Yeah, it's the same thing. You win a good game and then you get bad news.  It hurts. Losing Rickie really hurts. What we do offensively, he's a huge part of that.

When asked if Weeks' attempt to run out a hit caused the injury:

Yeah, and that's the way Rickie plays. There's no letting up in him. He goes hard all the time, and he just caught the base wrong. 

When asked if he could give Weeks any words of encouragement:

No, not at that point in time. When Rickie goes down and Rickie stays down, you know he's hurt. 

When asked if the injury could turn out to be less than expected:

No, when Rickie doesn't get up on it it's bad. So it's a pretty good sprain.

Someone redirected him to talk about the pitching:

Good night. Outstanding pitching again, Zack (Greinke) was really good. (Takashi) Saito came in and got an easy out and K-Rod and Ax do the same thing. So outstanding game pitching-wise.

When asked if the team was concerned about Greinke's pitch count:

No, he's been wanting us to go a little deeper with him, more innings, usually when I take him out he's like, 'hey, I feel great, I could go another inning,' so I'm not too concerned about that. He felt good, and I really liked the way he threw the ball. He kind of picked a bit at times to get in pitch count trouble, but you look at the results and you've got a team that's very aggressive swinging the bat at strikes and he's trying to make guys swing a little out of the zone.

When asked how the clubhouse has responded to Weeks' injury:

They're down about it, but they realize it's part of the game and it rarely happens where you go through a season without one of your main guys going down. It's a part of the game and we'll do what we can to fill that spot with what we have here or whoever we bring up. And there's a good chance it's going to be a DL, so we'll see where we are.