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Rare Brewer All Star Moments: #7: Prince Of Power

This is part four in a ten part series chronicling the top ten Brewer All Star Game moments. Follow these links to read parts one, two and three.

Moment #7 didn't actually happen during the game, but the night before. On July 13, 2009, Prince Fielder outlasted and outhomered seven other noted sluggers to win the State Farm Home Run Derby in St. Louis.

Fielder hit 11 home runs in the first round to knock out Brandon Inge (0), Adrian Gonzalez (2), Joe Mauer (5) and Carlos Pena (5). Then he hit six more in the second round to get to 17 and knock out Ryan Howard (15) and hometown hero Albert Pujols (11). In the finals he hit six home runs to knock off former Brewer Nelson Cruz.

All told, Fielder hit 23 home runs in the contest. You can watch them all here:

Fielder and teammate Rickie Weeks, of course, will represent the NL in the 2011 derby on Monday.