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Brewers 5, Reds 4: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS-Wisconsin:

What are you thinking as the ball ticks off Rickie Weeks' glove and Joey Votto is coming up to bat?

(Laughs) I would have much preferred Rickie to catch that ball.  That's what we're looking at, we're looking at making sure Votto doesn't come up there. The outfield -- normally there you'd probably play a little bit deeper, and I wanted them a little bit shallower so to make sure that a ball doesn't fall in.

Was the pitch out (that nabbed Drew Stubbs trying to steal second with one down in the ninth) something that Lucroy calls, or something that comes from the bench?

No, that always comes from the bench. Usually with Jerry.

Is that something you'd seen scouting-wise? Did you expect it? It seemed like an interesting time to call for a steal.

With Ax out there, we felt that's their best base stealer. We felt he was going to go.

Did you feel like maybe you stole one tonight? You escaped in the sixth, eighth, and ninth innings (when the Reds were threatening).

We did escape with some things. We made some mistakes in the game, but Ax made some good pitches when he had to -- and really Hawk did, too, after getting in a little bit of trouble, Hawk made some nice pitches.

Chris Narveson had a nice bounce-back in the sixth, after putting two on with nobody out. Then he got a double play.

We had somebody warming up there. That's probably his last batter that he faced. All of a sudden he gets him out, and we leave him out there again -- and especially with the double play.

Are you guys still feeling out the eighth, or is Takashi Saito working into that role? Hawkins gave up another run tonight, you've struggled as of late in the eighth inning.

I'm not gonna make a decision on one outing or two outings when a guy gives up one run. Hawk's still throwing the ball good. What we did tonight: we tried to match up a little better, what certain guys do against our relievers, and the left-handers and righties and we'll try to piece that together right now.

Hawkins has much better splits against lefties than Kameron Loe, doesn't he?


And you had Votto and Jay Bruce coming up that inning, so that was a matchup inning for you?

That was a matchup for Hawk. I think if we would've done it a little different it probably would have been Braddock.  We had Braddock out there warming up. If we score again in the bottom of the inning, probably Braddock goes out.

In the second inning pick-off attempt and rundown of Brandon Phillips, when Phillips went back to first, the error was charged to Rickie. Is that a mental lapse by Prince, putting the hands up and calling for the ball there?

No, he's okay calling for the ball. That's what he should do. I couldn't really see where the throw was and how it hit off of him, I couldn't see that. So I really don't know what happened on the play.

You dodged a few bullets that inning, because you picked Phillips off twice.

Yeah, we picked him off twice. That's something you don't want to see too often.