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Brewers 6, Cardinals 2: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

Yeah, real nice way to start. Carpenter was real good early, hitting spots and keeping the ball down. Good fastball, he always has a great curveball, and we had some things go right in the fifth inning allowing us to get to him and score all those runs.

When asked to discuss some of today's lucky breaks:

Yeah, everything worked out. And you can't explain sometimes why things sometimes fall apart, basically, for them and then go well for us. The hit and run was really well executed: Casey (McGehee) did a great job with that to get us to first and third, but the ball that bounces over somebody's head, obviously those are breaks in our favor. And then Zack Greinke lays down a nice bunt in an area where there's not much they can do: They've got the runner at third base they have to worry about, and it ended up being a real big play.

When asked to compare this outing by Chris Carpenter to his last one against the Brewers:

Yeah, he pitched real well against us the last time, what'd we get maybe three runs in an inning against him the last time? (It was five, all in the sixth) But this guy, he's good. He puts that fastball where he wants to and he's got that nice little cutter that he works off the fastball. So when you think, a right-handed hitter you think it's gonna be a fastball away so you swing and it cuts six inches and ends up being a pitch you can't hit. Then, going along with a great curveball, this guy can pitch. And the numbers are starting to the beginning of the year the numbers were high when he came in here, and since then he's pitched really well.

When asked about some of Carpenter's hanging curveballs that were hit hard tonight:

Right, and I don't know, by design, I don't know, the curveball that he throws inside and gets the right-handers to back off on, he got Braun to do it, he had someone else that did it: That may be by design, I don't really know. I haven't been around that much, but when he starts that curveball at you and it breaks across the plate that's a tough pitch to hit. And that may be what he's doing in some of those pitches that are up in the zone.

When asked if this is Nyjer Morgan's year:

Well, I hope it continues to be his year. Nyjer's been great. He keeps doing everything, and he's fun to watch. Every time you put him up there it seems like something good's going to happen.

On Zack Greinke tonight:

After the first inning I think...even in the first inning: Holliday's a really good hitter. There's not many spots you can go to get this guy out consistently. Two at bats against Zack - the one he threw middle-away that he hit the home run on, but then the next one the fastball that he threw into him that he keeps his hands inside and hits a line drive up the middle. There's really not much room for error with him. So it's not necessarily that it was a bad first inning for Zack, it was just yeah, a couple of runs there. He settled down, curveball got pretty good, I thought he started changing speeds a little better, threw some nice sliders and actually really ended up spotting his fastball well. Pitched inside real well I thought today, got in a lot of trouble there in the last inning and worked his way out of it. (asked about the double play) Huge play in the game. And, you know we have a chance to maybe make the great play down the line on the popup with Casey, and Zack turns it around and makes a nice pitch and gets the ground ball and we do a nice job turning two on it.