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Brewers 5, Cardinals 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On Randy Wolf's Performance

Yeah, he had everything working.  He got a lot stronger as the game went on, his command got better.  Fastball in and out of the zone, threw some great changeups, threw nice breaking balls.  It was hard to figure out what to do in the ninth.  He was pitching so well.

On his decision to take Randy Wolf out in the ninth inning, considering he had some good at-bats in the game

Actually, he squared up all three at-bats.  He really swung the bat well.  I think once we figured out we were going to go with Lucroy hitting for him, we were going to do it actually in George's slot, and then kind of switch that to bunt Wilson over.  Yeah, I mean he was throwing the ball so good that it was hard to take him out of there for the ninth.

On winning the first two games in the series behind key pitching

I think it's huge with what we're doing.  You know, it starts with the pitching, with Wolfie being able to hold down a really good offense.  That's very difficult to do.  When he got on that roll, we scored the three early, and I kept thinking, well, if he gets in trouble somewhere in here, he never got in trouble.  I thought really after the third inning, things got a lot better with him as far as command and just relaxed with where he was throwing the ball.  It's big being able to come in here and being able to do that.