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Game Recap: Brewers 2, Rats 1 (OT)

WP: Takashi Saito (3-1)
LP: Chris Resop (3-4)

MVP: Ryan Braun (2-3, RBI, .310 WPA)
LVP: Prince Fielder (0-4, -.232)

Win Expectancy Graph

Another day, another one-run victory against the hard-luck Pirates. This time it was Charlie Morton and Shawn Marcum, each pitching into the eighth with giving up a run. The Brewers finally broke through in the bottom of the 10th, with a George Kottaras single, a Casey McGehee double, and a walk-off sacrifice fly by Nyjer Morgan.

With the Brewers' 475th consecutive sweep against the Pirates, the Brewers enjoy a 5.5 game lead over the Cardinals.