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Prognostikeggers Week 10: Brewers @ Mets

(If you're looking for an explanation of Prognostikeggers, check out the Full Rules for Prognostikeggers.)

The playoffs are getting closer.  Are you getting nervous?  Standings are holding as is again this week, with the top sixteen projected for the playoffs staying the same.  Only seeding changes again this week.  Don't think seeding isn't important.  Getting a good seed will help you get a more favorable matchup.

Don't be surprised to see some predictions in the next few series to give people a chance to catch up on points a little faster.  This series features a nice prediction to get some more points out there, and next week's two series will provide some opportunities for a late season run.

I'd also like to start discussing potential changes to Prognostikeggers should it continue next season.  It's early to be thinking about it, but I'd like to give you an initial view into what I'm thinking to give you a chance to comment on it.  There are some things that I haven't liked as much this season, and I'm thinking about changes to balance it all out a little better.  Nothing is set in stone, but here are some of my initial thoughts, most of them focused on reworking the points system:

  • While errors will remain one point, runs and hits will probably jump to two points each.
  • Perfect line score predictions will also net you a two-point bonus.
  • Attendance switches to a tier system.  Within 1000 still gets 1 point, but make it within 500 for 2 points and 100 for 3 points.  Plus, a special 5 point bonus for an exact prediction.
  • For bonuses, I'm in between two ideas right now.  One is to make all bonuses worth the same, the other is to keep the bonus points system the same but increase thresholds for bonuses, making it easier to hit them.
  • Streamline the system enough to use guest writers.  Not only would they give me a break here and there, but I'd also give them room to create their own extra predictions and judge the bonus predictions with their own criteria.

It sounds like a lot, but I think some of these changes were reward tougher predictions while devaluing some of the easier predictions.  That's just a preliminary look, though.  There's still eight months until the next season would begin.  The reason I'm posting this today is I'd like to hear some of your thoughts on how to improve this should it return next year.

Extra Prediction for the Series:  Time for more fun by making a prediction that's probably not going to be much more than a random guess for you.  For this series, predict the game score of the Brewers' starting pitcher.  Higher scores mean better games, and lower scores mean worse games.  Just for reference, the best game score by a Brewers pitcher this season was an 83 by Yovani Gallardo on April 5th.  The worst game score was a 7 by Chris Narveson on July 2nd.  With this prediction, I'll give you a chance to get some points going.  If you are within 10 of the actual game score, you will get 1 point.  If you are within 5, you will get 2 points.  If you hit it exact, you will get 3 points.

Edit: MKEtotheATX provided this link that explains how a game score is calculated.


Standings through Thursday for Week 10 - Top 5

Rank Participant Points
T1 Dulzy 8
T1 jarlbartar 8
T1 Kid19 8
4 4 Tied


Overall Standings - Top 5

Rank Participant Points
1 Dulzy 104
2 icecreamman 96
T3 MrLeam 94
T3 texwestern 94
5 thefreewheelin76 93


Entry Forms

Click here to enter your predictions for 8/19
Predictions lock at 6:10 PM CDT

Click here to enter your predictions for 8/20
Predictions lock at 3:10 PM CDT

Click here to enter your predictions for 8/21
Predictions lock at 12:10 PM CDT


Prediction Summaries

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Week 10 Updated Standings

Click here to view the up to date standings for Week 10

Check below the jump for all of the full standings.

Weekly Winners

Week 1
icecreamman, Officer Jim Lahey
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
dikapalooza, SAE
Week 5
All-Star Special
Bush League All Star, Hyatt, jimf, placidity
Week 6
Week 7
Dulzy, Kid19
Week 8
Week 9


Standings through Thursday for Week 10

Rank Participant Points
T1 Dulzy 8
T1 jarlbartar 8
T1 Kid19 8
T4 Badgerman59 7
T4 ddloml 7
T4 Jennings085 7
T4 Midwest Muddler 7
T8 icecreamman 6
T8 Jess'HittheBall 6
T8 jimf 6
T8 ObiBraunKenobi 6
T8 Rabbit915 6
T8 SCBrewer 6
T8 texwestern 6
T8 thefreewheelin76 6
T16 Bush League All Star 5
T16 dikapalooza 5
T16 GoingYardbird 5
T16 MKEtotheATX 5
T16 MrLeam 5
T16 philc78 5
T16 Zorakathura 5
T23 brewerspug 4
T23 Kyle Lobner 4
T23 NoahJ 4
T23 toki47 4
T27 jmag043 3
T27 molitorfan 3
T29 Michael E1 2
T29 Officer Jim Lahey 2
T29 proachinf 2
T29 SpawnofSelig 2


Overall Standings - Top 50

Rank Participant Points
1 Dulzy 104
2 icecreamman 96
T3 MrLeam 94
T3 texwestern 94
5 thefreewheelin76 93
6 philc78 91
7 ddloml 86
T8 Badgerman59 82
T8 brewerspug 82
10 Officer Jim Lahey 78
11 toki47 75
12 ObiBraunKenobi 74
13 jarlbartar 72
14 MKEtotheATX 67
15 jimf 66
16 SAE 64
17 dikapalooza 63
18 proachinf 60
19 SCBrewer 57
20 molitorfan 55
T21 Bush League All Star 51
T21 Kid19 51
23 Midwest Muddler 49
24 gavitron9 46
T25 Kyle Lobner 42
T25 Zorakathura 42
27 NoahJ 41
28 Tepo6688 39
29 GoingYardbird 37
30 spsmartguy 36
31 SpawnofSelig 35
32 MillerParkSouth 33
T33 GoGregGo 31
T33 Michael E1 31
35 Saltire 28
T36 JLHanke 25
T36 supercarnie 25
38 tcyoung 22
39 OlyKnows 20
40 Cheeseandcorn 18
T41 Jess'HittheBall 17
T41 jmag043 17
T41 Wisfan 17
44 Scooter82 16
45 Rabbit915 15
46 Mayne222 14
47 Launcher 13
T48 mkecheese 11
T48 PJLizard 11
T50 igotbeats 10
T50 MGT 10