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A Handy Guide To Finding The Brewers On The Radio During Packer Games

If you've been exposed to any Wisconsin media in the last few days, you likely know that the Packers play their second preseason game tonight. The Packer Radio Network (and the Badger Network, for that matter) has a fair amount of overlap with the Brewer Network, which creates some scheduling conflicts on days like this.

With significant help from Rubie and Nicole, I've been able to compile a list this week that might help with that problem. If you're looking for the Brewer game on the radio tonight (or on any other Packer game day), here's a list of stations where you'll likely be able to find it:

City Station Notes
Amery AM 1260 WXCE
Antigo FM 106.1 WACD
Appleton AM 1570 WSCO Normally broadcast on AM 1150 WHBY
Beaver Dam AM 1430 WBEV
Berlin AM 1100 WISS
Eau Claire FM 106.7 WATQ
Fond du Lac AM 1450 KFIZ Said they cover Brewers first, others second.
Fort Atkinson FM 106.5 WKCH Normally broadcast on AM 940 WFAW
Green Bay AM 1440 WNFL Normally broadcast on AM 1360/FM 97.5 WTAQ
Iron Mountain, MI FM 100.7 WOBE
Iron River FM 107.3 WRLS
Janesville AM 1230 WCLO
La Crosse AM 1410 WIZM Normally broadcast on AM 580 WKTY
Lancaster AM 1280 WGLR
Madison AM 1070 WTSO Normally broadcast on AM 1310 WIBA
Medford AM 1490 WIGM
Milwaukee FM 94.5 WLWK Normally broadcast on AM 620 WTMJ
Park Falls AM 980 WPFP Normally broadcast on FM 98.3 WCQM
Platteville AM 1590 WPVL
Prairie du Chien AM 980 WPRE Normally broadcast on FM 94.3 WQPC
Reedsburg AM 1400 WRDB
Richland Center AM 1450 WRCO
Shawano AM 960 WTCH
Sheboygan FM 106.5 WHBZ
Normally broadcast on AM 1330 WHBL
Stevens Point AM 1390 WRIG Normally broadcast on FM 99.9 WSAU
Sturgeon Bay FM 93.9 WDOR
Wausau AM 1390 WRIG Normally broadcast on AM 550 WSAU

If you find a mistake on this list or know of a station we missed, please let me know. Some stations weren't sure of their plans or didn't immediately respond to our requests, so it's possible there will be some additions to the list.

If you're just looking for a Brewer radio broadcast on a non-conflicted day, here's the full list of Brewer Radio Network affiliates.

Gameday Audio at is also an option if you're a subscriber and you're near your computer, as is MLB At Bat on your smart phone.