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Brewers 6, Mets 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

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I apologize if it doesn't all make sense, a lot of back and forth between RR and the reporters tonight.  This is as heard on FS Wisconsin.

On the offense tonight:

Yeah, we needed it.  We've been held down to one, two runs, and three runs, and coming out early and scoring runs was good.  Just the at-bats, I thought the at-bats were really good.

On whether or not it was Tim Byrdak's pitch that angered Prince Fielder:

No, no.  That wasn't what that was all about.  No.

On if Prince was saying something to himself after the at-bat:

Yeah, I guess.

On what Fielder said in response:

 I think Prince was, "Why are you saying something?"

On Shaun Marcum warming up before the rain delay:

Oh, he was up.  Both starters were walking in to start the game  They were stopped.  [Marcum] was fully warmed up.

On the danger of Marcum pitching after the rain delay:

I'm not happy about it.  But, you know, I talked to Shaun and he thought he'd be fine.  That's a long wait after getting heated up.

On if it was bad information delivered to the pitchers:

Yeah, somebody wasn't sitting and watching the radar.  Our guys knew when they were walking out to the bullpen that there was some storms that had been reported.

On what he would have done had Marcum not been able to pitch after the rain delay:

Well, we would have gone with De La Cruz and Dillard and we'd get by.

On Marcum pitching a great game while Mike Pelfrey did not.

Yeah, he did [pitch a great game].  That's not easy to do.

On Braun's ejection:

Well, I'm disappointed that you get ejected when you're talking.  It wasn't like he was in the umpire's face.  He had no hand gestures, nothing.  It was just talking.

On what home plate umpire Angel Compos said:

He said he'd warned him three times and that was enough.

On if Roenicke was close to being ejected:

Yeah, because of him, the umpire.

This part wasn't completely clear, but I'm guessing it's about what happened after the benches cleared when he talked to the umpires.  He mentions Gary Darling, who isn't on this umpire crew but might have been referring to a previous incident.

It was about the warnings that they give.  I want a clear answer as to whether I can go out there and argue, not argue a warning, but go out and ask him why that there's a warning because Darling almost threw me out for doing what Terry Collins just did, and I can't be crew to crew, I gotta know what it is.  Either I can either go ask or I can't.

On why Collins was allowed to go out there:

That's what I want to know, when I wasn't.