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Brewers 11, Mets 9

That one looks like a bunny!
That one looks like a bunny!

Win: Francisco Rodriguez (5-2)
Loss: Jason Isringhausen (3-3)
Save: John Axford (37)

HR: Braun (24), Fielder (28), Betancourt (10), Pagan (7)

MVP: Prince Fielder (.501)
LVP: Francisco Rodriguez (-.664)

Fangraphs Win Expectancy Graph
Box Score

Wow. Just wow.

The Brewers had a pretty good lead for a while.  The bats were rolling with three home runs and Randy Wolf had only given up a lone run in six innings as Milwaukee led 7-1.  It looked like they were well on their way to an easy victory over the Mets.  Then, in the seventh, all of a sudden the Mets just wouldn't get out.  Between poor pitching, poor defense, and poor umpiring, Randy Wolf and Takashi Saito gave up five runs in that frame.  Still, the game looked like it was in good hands as Milwaukee was poised to bring out K-Rod and the Ax to close out a one run lead.  

And, after two outs in the eighth, it was looking even better.  But Rodriguez gave up a walk and an RBI double, tying the game.  Then, to top it off, Angel Pagan launched a two run homer to give the Mets a two run lead before Justin Turner grounded out.  All of a sudden, in two innings the Brewers win expectancy went from 97.7% to 6%.  Quite the drop.

But, as we should probably know by now, the Brewers just will not quit on any game.  Jonathan Lucroy walked.  Nyjer Morgan walked.  Corey Hart singled.  The bases were loaded and Mark Kotsay was coming up.  Mark Kotsay walked, scoring Lucroy.  Ryan Braun flied out, but not deep enough to score Morgan.  Prince Fielder took some massive swings and managed to poke a ball into the outfield for an RBI single, to tie the game.  Finally, Casey McGehee poked another grounder into the outfield, scoring two more runs before Yuni popped out and Lopez struck out.  John Axford shut down the Mets in the ninth to pick up the save.

I mean:



The Brewers are now 8.5 games up in the NL Central as the Cardinals lost 3-0 to the Cubs.  Eight and one half games.  Let that sink in for a while.