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Stat Of The Day: Yuni's Worst Day?

In his first and hopefully only season as a Brewer, Yuniesky Betancourt has had some pretty poor moments. With that said, you can make an argument that today was his least valuable day. Here's a recap of his at bats:

Second inning: Came up with a man on first, none out, grounded into a double play.
Fourth inning: Came up with two on, two outs, and grounded out.
Seventh inning: Led off the inning with a groundout.
Ninth inning: With runners on first and second and one out, struck out.

On a day when the Brewers didn't score, Betancourt came up three times with runners on and in all three cases he failed to advance them. His WPA for the day was -.261, easily the worst for a Brewer on the day. You might be thinking, "Wow, that's really low for a position player." You'd be right. Here are the five worst individual performances by a Brewer position player this season, sorted by WPA:

Player Date Opponent AB H Notes WPA
Erick Almonte April 23 Astros 1 0 GIDP in PH appearance with two on, trailing 6-5 in 8th -.414
Corey Hart May 20 Astros 6 0 Hitless with a sac fly in 14 inning win over Rockies -.381
Yuniesky Betancourt Today Pirates 4 0 -.261
Rickie Weeks May 8 Cardinals 5 0 Struck out with bases loaded in the ninth in a 3-1 loss. -.241
Prince Fielder August 14 Pirates 4 0 Left potential go-ahead run on base twice in eventual 2-1 win. -.225

Betancourt now has the third, tenth, eleventh, 14th, 19th and 20th worst individual performances by a Brewer position player this season, No one else has more than three in the top 20.