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Today In Brewer History: Fingers Finished

On this day in 1984, a great season for one of the Brewers' all time greats came to a sudden halt. Rollie Fingers, who had saved 23 games and posted a 1.96 ERA after missing the entire 1983 season, decided to undergo season-ending back surgery, effectively ending his days as an elite major league closer. He had gone ten days without pitching before deciding to have the surgery.

Fingers returned to the Brewers in 1985 and recorded 17 saves, but did so while posting a 5.04 ERA and blowing eight opportunities. He allowed runs in four of his final five appearances in what would turn out to be his final major league season.

Fingers finished his career with 97 saves in four seasons as a Brewer and 341 overall. That's still the tenth most all time.

With help from the B-Ref Play Index, happy birthday today to 2005-06 Brewer Justin Lehr, who turns 34.