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Cardinals 8, Brewers 7: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On missing opportunities to make some outs in the fourth inning:

Yeah, as it turned out it definitely hurt us. Berkman, we had him out three times. The ball that he hit, we should've thrown him out at third, we should've thrown him out at home.

On Prince Fielder's failed throw home:

Oh no, that's the right play. I told Prince, "Prince, if you're doubting yourself on whether you should've just gone to first base, no you made the right play." He just threw it high. That definitely is the right play.

On Shaun Marcum's control:

Yeah, he was a little all over the place early, then I thought he threw the ball ok. But the inning he gave up runs he shouldn't have had runs that inning.

On leaving the bases loaded in the seventh after Braun was hit:

Yup. That's the time when you really need to get it. You really need to come through with a hit there. Everybody's fired up, you've gotta bear down and some way you've gotta get those runs in.

When asked if Jason Motte should have been ejected for hitting Braun:

Well, that's a decision the umpire is supposed to make on whether it's on purpose or not.

Was there any question about the intention?

I thought the pitcher hit him on purpose.

On the decision not to attempt a squeeze with Jonathan Lucroy at the plate:

Yeah, we had talked about it, thought about it, just situation there: If he bunts it there, Pujols is way in at first and that's where Luc likes to bunt the ball. And being a force play, I was worried that if he bunted it too hard Pujols could still make the force play at home.

When asked if Saito was trying to hit Pujols with runners on in the seventh:

Oh, there's certainly no possible way he's trying to hit him. 

How do you feel about retaliation?

Well, I don't think he should.

When asked if he considered pitching around Lance Berkman in the eleventh:

Yeah, and it's 0-2. Once you get two strikes on somebody it's hard to say you'll go ahead and walk him.

When asked if he was surprised to see Holliday steal second in the eleventh:

No, I've seen Holliday steal before. He's a pretty smart baserunner. He picks his time, he gets a little bit of a lead start, and he runs good. So no, I've seen him steal bases quite a few times.

On Rafael Furcal's play to send the game to extras:

Outstanding play going back for that ball.

Someone referred to tonight's game as a dogfight:

Yeah, both ways. Yesterday I thought we got some breaks, I thought they got some breaks there in the inning they got five runs and...we had a lot of chances to win the ball game. This was just an ugly ball game.

When asked if the Jaime Garcia home run was stunning:

Certainly was. Sometimes you try to be a little too careful with a guy instead of going after him and you get behind in the count. He got a changeup up in the zone that probably is the only pitch he can pull like that and hit it out. But there certainly was no doubt when he hit it. 

Tough loss to take?

Every game's equal but no, these are really hard to lose. When you think you should've won a game, they're hard to lose.