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Prognostikeggers Playoffs - Round of 16: Cardinals @ Brewers

(If you're looking for an explanation of Prognostikeggers, check out the Full Rules for Prognostikeggers.)

Are you ready for the playoffs?  The final sixteen are set, and it's time for the playoffs to begin!

In the final week of the regular season, icecreamman came up strong to take the last week of the season.  As for the playoff bracket, it ended up going down to the last day.  There was a change on the final day, as dikapalooza was up by one point over proachinf.  However, dikapalooza forgot to submit predictions, and proachinf put up a two-point day, providing just enough points to enter the playoffs at number sixteen.  The prize for winning is entering a match that includes the #1 overall seed, Dulzy.  He took the regular season championship and finished up with 124 points, five points ahead of second place icecreamman.

Now, the playoffs begin.  Here are the matchups for the round of 16:

Match #1 - #1 Dulzy vs. #8 badgerman59 vs. #9 brewerspug vs. #16 proachinf
Match #2 - #4 MrLeam vs. #5 texwestern vs. #12 toki47 vs. #13 jarlbartar
Match #3 - #3 thefreewheelin76 vs. #6 philc78 vs. #11 Officer Jim Lahey vs. #14 jimf
Match #4 - #2 icecreamman vs. #7 ddloml vs. #10 ObiBraunKenobi vs. #15 MKEtotheATX

Remember, the top two in each match advance to the next round.  Losers of each match will fall into playoff consolation brackets to fight for their final ranks.

As for those of you who did not make the playoffs, don't give up.  Starting today, the overall standings are reset, and the next four and a half weeks will be your consolation match.  One of you will take the consolation champion title.  While it may not be as glamorous, it's still something to fight for.

Note for Thursday's Game:  It is possible that the Brewers could have a September Call-Up or two on the team on Thursday, and we may not know until it gets close to game time.  If that is the case, and you want to use that player as your MVP choice for that day, select the "September Call-Up" option at the bottom of the MVP list.  Then, post your choice in the comments section on this post.

Secondary Note:  I was updating the rules page for Prognostikeggers and realized that I screwed up last week, so I'm awarding some retroactive points.  On the rules page, I did say that if no one is within 1000 on attendance, the closest prediction would get 1 point.  Since the attendance change, I am only aware of one instance where this has happened.  It was last week, on the day of the double-header for Game 2 (the day I offered double-points on correct attendance but there were none within 1000).  As a result, three people tied for the closest prediction and will get two points each (MKEtotheATX, proachinf, dikapalooza).  However, this does not change the final overall standings and playoff seeding.  I do not think that this has happened in any other games, so I will leave it at that.  Even if it has, I am not going to go back and make the change at this point.  If you lost a point or two because of it, I apologize.  It's just too much to go through at this point in the season.  If you ever notice a mistake in scoring, please let me know about it.  There are so many moving parts that it happens occasionally.

Extra Prediction for the Series:  We get to start out simple for the playoffs.  Predict who will win the Encased Meat Race (more commonly known as the Sausage Race) for each game in the series.

Final Standings for Week 11 - Top 5

Rank Participant Points
1 icecreamman 18
T2 MrLeam 16
T2 texwestern 16
4 proachinf 15
T5 jarlbartar 14
T5 thefreewheelin76 14


Final 3 Weeks - Top 5

Rank Participant Points
1 thefreewheelin76 42
T2 Kid19 41
T2 texwestern 41
4 icecreamman 40
5 Dulzy 38


Final Overall Standings - Top 5

Rank Participant Points
1 Dulzy 124
2 icecreamman 119
3 thefreewheelin76 117
4 MrLeam 115
5 texwestern 113


Entry Forms

Click here to enter your predictions for 8/30
Predictions lock at 7:10 PM CDT

Click here to enter your predictions for 8/31
Predictions lock at 7:10 PM CDT

Click here to enter your predictions for 9/1
Predictions lock at 3:10 PM CDT


Prediction Summaries

Click here to view all predictions for 8/30

Click here to view all predictions for 8/31

Click here to view all predictions for 9/1


Check out the full final standings, along with the updated playoff and consolation standings, after the jump.

Playoff Bracket


Consolation Standings


Weekly Winners

Week 1
icecreamman, Officer Jim Lahey
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
dikapalooza, SAE
Week 5
All-Star Special
Bush League All Star, Hyatt, jimf, placidity
Week 6
Week 7
Dulzy, Kid19
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11



Final Standings for Week 11


Final 3 Weeks


Final Overall Standings