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Friday's Frosty Mug

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Willin Rosario of the Rockies discusses the music of Barenaked Ladies with umpire Marvin Hudson during Wednesday's game.
Willin Rosario of the Rockies discusses the music of Barenaked Ladies with umpire Marvin Hudson during Wednesday's game.

Some things to read while it gets that cold.

Sometimes off days come at a good time. That was not the case yesterday, as the skidding Brewers were off for the second time in four days and gave us another full 24 hours to discuss the team's recent poor play and strangely timed quotes.

One of those quotes came from Prince Fielder, who continues to draw attention for acknowledging without being asked that this is likely his last season in Milwaukee. Trenni Kusnierek dug up several old quotes to show the difference between Fielder's previous statements and those comments. Doug Melvin said what you'd expect him to say: He doesn't think these events will cause a distraction. Brewers Blurb wonders if Fielder's comments could create some urgency to win now.

Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated thinks the Rangers, Orioles, Dodgers and Nationals could be interested in Fielder this winter. Meanwhile, he predicts the Brewers could target Lance Berkman to fill Fielder's position at first base.

Negativity aside, though, Scott Miller of CBS Sports is recommending the Brewers as a team for baseball-orphaned fans to root on in October. Brian Carriveau of Maple Street Press says "If postseason success does happen, it could be because of the guys committed to life in Wisconsin for 2012 who are looking toward what's happening tomorrow, not when the season is over."

Ryan Braun and John Axford are two of those players. At the moment both trail Chase Utley in the voting for the "Aqua Velva Man" nickname at NotGraphs.

Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum are under contract for 2012 too. Colin Fly of the AP has a story about how Greinke has settled in to the Brewer clubhouse, and Jonathan Scippa of Baseball Analytics has a look at Marcum's cutter.

Jonathan Lucroy says the Brewers are due for a breakout performance to get them back on track. Hopefully that happens tonight when they face Bronson Arroyo and the Reds.

In the minors: Bob Brainerd of Time Warner Cable Sports 32 has a profile of Wisconsin outfielder Chad Stang.

Many of us won't even attend Brewers/Cubs games when they're in Milwaukee, but if you'd like to attend one at Wrigley Field via bike on Wednesday then you might be interested in this Peace and Glove post.

In power rankings: Yahoo has the Brewers seventh, down three spots.

If you'd like more Brewer content today but you're sick of reading, the View From Bernie's Chalet podcast is up. This week's topics include Francisco Rodriguez, Prince Fielder, Rickie Weeks, Casey McGehee and more.

I don't have any transactions to report today, so we'll use this space for a musical interlude:

The Brewers weren't scheduled to face Johnny Cueto in this weekend's series against the Reds, but it's possible his season is over after he suffered a back injury in his last start. Cueto has a 2.31 ERA but will finish the season six innings short of qualifying for the ERA title if his season is over. You know that and much more if you've read this morning's edition of Around the NL Central.

Around the NL Central features several handy tables each morning to help you keep tabs on the standings. I think we should keep those, but I am exploring the possibility of adding elimination pokeys.

Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison is having a strange season. On the same day he filed a grievance against his team for being sent to the minors inappropriately, he arrived at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia in a fire truck.

This morning's edition of Today In Brewer History celebrates Robin Yount's 55th birthday, but Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times notes that it's also the 15th anniversary of Paul Molitor's 3000th hit.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to show this sidewalk who's boss. (h/t TheJay)

Drink up.