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Today In Brewer History: Happy Birthday, Thad Bosley

On this day in 1956, Thaddis Bosley was born in Oceanside, California. He was a fourth round pick in the 1974 draft and spread a 14 year major league career over seven teams. The third of seven was the Brewers: He spent 42 games there as a member of the 1981 team, playing all three outfield spots and hitting .229/.270/.248.

The Brewers acquired Bosley from the White Sox for first baseman/outfielder John Poff, who never appeared in a game for Chicago, and later dealt him to the Mariners for pitcher Mike Parrott, who never appeared in a game as a Brewer.

As you might have guessed from the above paragraphs, Bosley was not a very good major leaguer. He accumulated just 2.4 rWAR over 14 major league seasons, yet somehow he's the tenth best major league position player ever born on September 17:

Player Seasons rWAR
Orlando Cepeda 1958-74 46.8
Frank Schulte 1904-18 27
Hughie Critz 1924-35 16
Earl Webb 1925-33 10.9
Ernie Koy 1938-42 5.3
Otto Krueger 1901-05 5
Dick Padden 1901-05 4.6
Bob Dillinger 1946-51 3.6
Wayne Krenchicki 1979-86 2.9
Thad Bosley 1977-90 2.4