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Prognostikeggers Playoffs - Finals: Brewers @ Cubs

(If you're looking for an explanation of Prognostikeggers, check out the Full Rules for Prognostikeggers.)

The finals are set.  We will have a top seed facing off against a double-digit seed.  All of the matches were close entering the weekend series, and some pulled away while others fell behind.  Here's how they went.

Championship Bracket
The top seed has fallen, though only because of a tiebreaker.  Jimf took advantage of the Braun bonus points with two correct bonus predictions to take the first spot in championship match.  Meanwhile, Dulzy and icecreamman fought for the other spot, and the match ended in a tie.  In the end, it was a bonus prediction that got icecreamman through, as his one correct bonus prediction was enough to break the tie and send him to the championship as well.  Jimf and icecreamman will face off for the championship, while Dulzy and jarlbartar will fight for third place.

5th Place Bracket
It was all about the blowouts in the fifth place bracket.  Proachinf and ObiBraunKenobi both used massive performances in the Reds series to get to the fifth place match.  Proachinf used a balanced attack to advance, while ObiBraunKenobi hit consecutive three-point bonuses with additional bonus points from Braun predictions for the majority of his scoring.  They will play for fifth place, while MrLeam and thefreewheelin76 will fight for seventh place.

9th Place Bracket
A little less scoring happened in this match.  One spot in the ninth place match went to ddloml, who put up a clear win in the semifinal match.  The other went to badgerman59, who just managed to stay ahead of the others to make it to the ninth place match.  They play for ninth place, while MKEtotheATX and brewerspug will take a shot at eleventh place.

13th Place Bracket
There wasn't much at all to this match.  Officer Jim Lahey and philc78 put up some points, and get a shot at thirteenth place.  As for the fifteenth place match, it will probably go to the one of texwestern and toki47 who actually scores a point, as both have not been very active for a while.

Consolation Match
This match is showing what the people who got into the contest too late can do.  Kid19 has taken a nice lead entering the home stretch.  There's still time, though, as dikapalooza, Bush League All Star, and Michael E1 are all within striking distance.  This one could be one of the more interesting finishes to the season.

In summary, here are the final matches:

Championship:  icecreamman vs. jimf
3rd Place:  Dulzy vs. Jarlbartar
5th Place:  ObiBraunKenobi vs. proachinf
7th Place:  MrLeam vs. thefreewheelin76
9th Place:  badgerman59 vs. ddloml
11th Place:  brewerspug vs. MKEtotheATX
13th Place:  Officer Jim Lahey vs. philc78
15th Place:  texwestern vs. toki47

Remember, it's a three-series final.  There's nine games to earn points.  Remember to get your predictions in, and good luck.  Fight to the finish.

Extra Prediction for the Series:  It's the last extra prediction that isn't based on the sausage race.  For this series, we're going to do something that I've been a little hesitant to do in the past, but we're going to try it now.  The extra prediction for this series is a prediction of the opponent's line score.  Predict what you think the Cubs line score will be for each game.  Each part of it you get correct is worth 1 point.


Entry Forms

Click here to enter your predictions for 9/19
Predictions lock at 7:05 PM CDT

Click here to enter your predictions for 9/20
Predictions lock at 7:05 PM CDT

Click here to enter your predictions for 9/21
Predictions lock at 1:20 PM CDT


Prediction Summaries

Click here to view all predictions for 9/19

Click here to view all predictions for 9/20

Click here to view all predictions for 9/21


Check below the jump for a summary of the predictions for the last series, and all of the playoff standings.

Result Breakdown

9/16 - 32,506 - 1 Correct
9/17 - 39,766 - 1 Correct
9/18 - 37,845 - 1 Correct

9/16 - 6 Runs - 2 Correct
9/17 - 10 Runs - 0 Correct
9/18 - 8 Runs - 0 Correct

9/16 - 7 Hits - 2 Correct
9/17 - 11 Hits - 4 Correct
9/18 - 12 Hits - 2 Correct

9/16 - 1 Error - 4 Correct
9/17 - 1 Error - 5 Correct
9/18 - 1 Error - 7 Correct

9/16 - Mark Kotsay - 0 Correct
9/17 - Yovani Gallardo - 7 Correct
9/18 - Carlos Gomez - 0 Correct

Game Score
9/16 - 58 - 1 Exact, 6 Within 5, 5 Within 10
9/17 - 75 - 0 Exact, 3 Within 5, 8 Within 10
9/18 - 76 - 0 Exact, 6 Within 5, 5 Within 10

9/16 - jimf - Braun Multi-RBI Game - 1 Point + 1 Extra
9/16 - thefreewheelin76 - Braun HR - 1 Point + 1 Extra
9/16 - proachinf - Braun HR - 1 Point + 1 Extra
9/16 - ObiBraunKenobi - Braun Multi-HR Game - 3 Points + 1 Extra
9/17 - jimf - Braun On-Base 3 Times - 1 Point + 1 Extra
9/17 - jarlbartar - Braun On-Base At Least 3 Times - 1 Point + 1 Extra
9/17 - ObiBraunKenobi - Braun Has 3+ RBI - 3 Points + 1 Extra
9/18 - proachinf - Greinke 10+ K - 1 Point
9/18 - Bush League All Star - Braun 3 Hits - 2 Points + 1 Extra

9/17 - icecreamman - Braun Multi-Hit Game - Not Enough
9/18 - Kid19 - Braun same or more hits as Packers have turnovers - Cannot be Evaluated/Not Enough


Brewers @ Reds Results

Click here to view results for 9/16

Click here to view results for 9/17

Click here to view results for 9/18


Championship Bracket


3rd Place Consolation Bracket


5th Place Consolation Bracket


7th Place Consolation Bracket


9th Place Consolation Bracket


11th Place Consolation Bracket


13th Place Consolation Bracket


15th Place Consolation Bracket


Consolation Standings


Weekly Winners

Week 1
icecreamman, Officer Jim Lahey
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
dikapalooza, SAE
Week 5
All-Star Special
Bush League All Star, Hyatt, jimf, placidity
Week 6
Week 7
Dulzy, Kid19
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11