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Prognostikeggers Playoffs - Round of 16: Brewers @ Astros

(If you're looking for an explanation of Prognostikeggers, check out the Full Rules for Prognostikeggers.)

That was a rough start to the Prognostikeggers playoffs.  Hopefully the next series will be better for everyone.

The playoff scoring started slowly, and has been on the low side for the first few days.  It's made for some lower scoring days, but it has also meant that everyone is still in the mix after one series.  Of course, there isn't much time to make a move.  How will you plan to win your match?

I forgot to mention this before the playoffs started, but here is the tiebreaker structure for matches.  This was posted in the comments section during the last series.  Ties will only be broken if it affects who moves on in the playoffs.

1 – Bonus prediction points
2 – Extra prediction points
3 – Runs points
4 – Hits points
5 – Attendance points
6 – Errors points

Here's a quick breakdown of each match.

In Match #1, everyone is still close.  With no scoring in Tuesday's game, everyone has remained close together.  There is currently a three-way tie for first place, with fourth place just a point behind.  As of right now, Dulzy and proachinf would move on from this match as a result of tiebreakers.

Match #2 features a little more clarity.  Three games in, MrLeam and jarlbartar have taken an early lead.  MrLeam had two good days in a row to build his lead, and jarlbartar was the only person to score more than one point on the first day.  It's given them a two-point lead over texwestern and toki47.  It's easy to see who's moving on here if things stay the same.  MrLeam and jarlbartar are on track for an appearance in the quarterfinals.

In Match #3, two people have built a lead, and the leaders are not who you would expect.  Officer Jim Lahey and jimf both used strong starts to build four point starts.  The higher seeds have struggled a little bit, only putting up two and three points each.  Still plenty of time to come back, though the current situation would have the two lower seeds in the quarterfinals.

Finally, in Match #4, icecreamman and ObiBraunKenobi have started with some better series of five points each to take an early lead.  MKEtotheATX is still in there with a three point series, and ddloml is in danger of falling too far behind.  icecreamman and ObiBraunKenobi are on track to advance to the quarterfinals.

Bonus Prediction for the Series:  The Brewers return to the spot of an impressive home run this season.  For this series, predict the distance on the longest home run hit in each game.  Any predictions within ten feet of the distance will get one point, and any exact predictions will get two points.


Entry Forms

Click here to enter your predictions for 9/2
Predictions lock at 7:10 PM CDT

Click here to enter your predictions for 9/3
Predictions lock at 6:10 PM CDT

Click here to enter your predictions for 9/4
Predictions lock at 1:10 PM CDT


Prediction Summaries

Click here to view all predictions for 9/2

Click here to view all predictions for 9/3

Click here to view all predictions for 9/4


Check out the playoff scores and consolation match standings after the jump.

Playoff Bracket


Consolation Standings


Weekly Winners

Week 1
icecreamman, Officer Jim Lahey
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
dikapalooza, SAE
Week 5
All-Star Special
Bush League All Star, Hyatt, jimf, placidity
Week 6
Week 7
Dulzy, Kid19
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11