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Stat Of The Night: Schafer Scores

Logan Schafer made his major league debut in the seventh inning tonight, pinch running for Taylor Green and scoring a run at the Brewers took the lead. After the inning, he was replaced in the lineup by LaTroy Hawkins.

Schafer is still looking for his first major league plate appearance, but he's now scored his first major league run. He's the fourth Brewer ever to score a run without a PA in his major league debut, and the first since 1998. Here are the others:

Player Date Opponent
Ronnie Belliard September 12, 1998 Cubs
Jose Valentin September 17, 1992 Red Sox
Pat Listach April 8, 1992 Twins

Bill Wegman also scored a run in his first appearance as a non-pitcher on July 5, 1986. He finished his major league career with a run scored but no plate appearances.