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Prognostikeggers Playoffs - Finals Review

The Brewers' regular season has come to an end, and so has the Prognostikeggers playoffs.  It all came down to the last game and two tiebreakers, but we have a winner.  Jimf has won the Prognostikeggers Finals!

Entering the final series of the playoffs, jimf and icecreamman were tied at 11.  Over the next three days, they matched each other game for game (and sometimes prediction for prediction).  After last night's game, it came down to the tiebreakers.  The first tiebreaker was the bonus point predictions.  With only one point for each of them (both coming on Saturday's prediction), it went to the second tiebreaker: extra point predictions.  This is where it was broken.  Both of them earned two points from predictions in the Cubs series.  However, jimf's one correct sausage race prediction ended up giving him the win.  If you want to talk about how close it could have been, look at Wednesday's predictions.  In his original prediction, icecreamman had chosen Polish, the sausage that won on Wednesday's night.  He later changed his pick to Bratwurst.  Had he not made that change, he would have won.

It was a wild rid for jimf.  Entering the playoffs as the #14 seed, he had a uphill battle to fight the whole way.  He needed a tiebreaker to survive the first round and get to the quarterfinals.  Then, he snuck into the semifinals with a second place finish in the quarterfinals.  He then advanced to the finals with a first-place finish in the semifinals.  In the finals, it was a fight all the way, but he managed to hang in there and win it all.

In the third place match, we had another close match with high scoring all of the way.  That match went to jarlbartar, who was aided with a two-point prediction on Yuniesky Betancourt to take third place in the playoffs.  After leading the regular season, Dulzy ends up in fourth place in the playoffs.

In the fifth place match, proachinf took an early lead on ObiBraunKenobi, who ended up bowing out early.  That gave proachinf the fifth place finish and put ObiBraunKenobi at sixth.  It was a similar situation in the seventh place match, as MrLeam got a lead and didn't look back.

Battling for ninth place, badgerman59 and ddloml fought to a tie, but badgerman59 ended up taking ninth place with his one correct bonus prediction to win the tiebreaker.  Going for eleventh place, MKEtotheATX pulled away late to take the win over brewerspug.  In the thirteenth place match, philc78 only needed a few predictions to take the match over Officer Jim Lahey, who didn't make a prediction.  It was similar for the fifteenth place match, as texwestern made a triumphant return to get fifteenth place over an inactive toki47.

Here are the full results for the playoffs:

Playoffs Results
Champion: jimf
2nd Place: icecreamman
3rd Place: jarlbartar
4th Place: Dulzy
5th Place: proachinf
6th Place: ObiBraunKenobi
7th Place: MrLeam
8th Place: thefreewheelin76
9th Place: badgerman59*
10th Place: ddloml*
11th Place: brewerspug
12th Place: MKEtotheATX
13th Place: philc78
14th Place: Officer Jim Lahey
15th Place: texwestern
16th Place: toki47

* - badgerman59 wins over ddloml due to win in the first tiebreaker (1-0 in Bonus Predictions)

In the consolation match, Kid19 essentially led from start to finish, as we got to see what the people who didn't make the playoffs could do.  Dikapalooza was close behind him to finish second, with Michael E1 and Bush League All Star following behind. Considering how well these people did, they will be players to watch out for during Prognostikeggers in the Brewers' playoffs.

Consolation Results
Champion: Kid19
2nd Place: dikapalooza
3rd Place: Michael E1
4th Place: Bush League All Star
5th Place: Jennings085

That brings the regular season to an end.  However, Prognostikeggers will stick around for the playoffs.  Check out the previous post for a preview of how they will work, and look out tomorrow for the Prognostikeggers post for the first two games of the NLDS.  Also, look below the jump for all of the playoff results.

Results Breakdown

9/26: 41,222 - 5 People
9/27: 41,864 - 7 People
9/28: 41,976 - 10 People

9/26: 8 Runs - 1 Person
9/27: 6 Runs - 2 People
9/28: 7 Runs - 7 People

9/26: 12 Hits - 2 People
9/27: 9 Hits - 2 People
9/28: 7 Hits - 0 People

9/26: 1 Error - 6 People
9/27: 1 Error - 5 People
9/28: 2 Errors - 0 People

9/26: Carlos Gomez - 0 People
9/27: Prince Fielder - 3 People
9/28: Carlos Gomez - 0 People

Sausage Race
9/26: Italian - 5 People
9/27: Chorizo - 1 Person
9/28: Polish - 1 Person

9/26: Bush League All Star - Brewers with 5 extra base hits - 1 Point
9/26: jarlbartar - Betancourt on base 3+ times - 2 Points
9/27: icecreamman & jimf - Fielder HR - 1 Point
9/27: badgerman59 & brewerspug - Weeks HR - 1 Point
9/28: Dulzy - 3+ Brewer HR - 1 Point


Pirates @ Brewers Results


Click here to view results for 9/26

Click here to view results for 9/27

Click here to view results for 9/28


Championship Bracket


3rd Place Consolation Bracket


5th Place Consolation Bracket


7th Place Consolation Bracket


9th Place Consolation Bracket


11th Place Consolation Bracket


13th Place Consolation Bracket


15th Place Consolation Bracket


Consolation Standings


Weekly Winners

Week 1
icecreamman, Officer Jim Lahey
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
dikapalooza, SAE
Week 5
All-Star Special
Bush League All Star, Hyatt, jimf, placidity
Week 6
Week 7
Dulzy, Kid19
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11