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Stat Of The Night: Counsell's First After 41

Entering the night tonight, Craig Counsell was 41 and had 41 career home runs. That kind of symmetry is just too good to be true, though, so tonight he hit #42, his first of 2011.

Despite having been with the team all season, this was Counsell's first extra base hit since June 10 and only his fourth of the season. He's also the oldest player to homer in a major league game in 2011:

Player Date Age
Craig Counsell Tonight 41 years, 13 days
Jim Thome August 27 41 years, 0 days
Jason Giambi August 16 40 years, 220 days
Jorge Posada August 26 40 years, 9 days
Henry Blanco August 22 39 years, 358 days

There is, of course, a strong chance this will be Counsell's last major league homer: He's averaged one every 130 plate appearances over the course of his career, and it's unlikely he'll get 130 more in September. 

And, of course, now that George Kottaras has hit for the cycle this looks like a really pointless side note.