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Today In Brewer History: Suddenly Stopped

The 1979 Brewers don't often get it, but they deserve a lot of credit for being one of the first great teams in franchise history. They won 95 games under manager George Bamberger (despite playing only 161), and only missed the playoffs because the Orioles won 102 while running away with the AL East.

The Brewer offense was powered by Sixto Lezcano's best season as a big leaguer, but he was far from the only contributor. Ben Oglivie, Gorman Thomas, Cecil Cooper and Paul Molitor all had OPS+'s over 125 while Mike Caldwell, Jim Slaton and Lary Sorensen all provided 3 rWAR or more on the mound.

On this day, however, an impressive streak came to an end. The Brewers, who hadn't been shut out all season, were held scoreless by Jerry Koosman and the Twins on the season's final day. The Crew managed nine hits and had runners in scoring position in five different innings, but could not push a run across the plate. It was the first time they'd been shut out since the previous August, ending the longest streak in franchise history:

Start End Games
August 11, 1978 September 29, 1979 212
June 9, 1981 July 7, 1982 136
July 9, 1982 June 2, 1983 128
June 16, 1987 October 3, 1987 102
August 16, 1998 May 31, 1999 89
June 22, 1993 September 26, 1993 89

For comparison purposes, the 2011 Brewers never had a streak longer than 31 games.