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Prognostikeggers NLDS: Diamondbacks @ Brewers

Welcome to Prognostikeggers 1.5.  It's time for the playoffs.

It's a whole new competition at this point.  No scoring from the regular season carries over.  Everything is all new.  Scoring has been adjusted to make everything more balanced.  The predictions are more involved.  Despite all of the changes, it's the same competition that you've come to enjoy.

For the playoffs, posts will come out each time a series switches locations.  For example, in the NLDS, there will be a post for Games 1 and 2, a post for Games 3 and 4, and a post for Game 5.  Just keep an eye out for new posts, and be ready to make your predictions.

This is open to everyone.  Whether you're a Brewers fan, a Diamondbacks fan, or a fan of another team, you are welcome to participate.  Also, just for the playoffs, I will join in on making predictions.  My predictions will be on the available forms as well for you to view, so you can hold me accountable to what I predict.

Let's get the playoff version of Prognostikeggers started.

Extra Prediction for Game 1:  Predict the pitch speed of the first pitch thrown by Yovani Gallardo.  This is the speed as reported by MLB Gameday.  If you are within 1 MPH of the actual speed, you will get two points.

Extra Prediction for Game 2:  Predict which Brewer will score the first run for the Brewers in this game.  If you are correct, you will score two points.  You may also select "None" if you think the Brewers will not score any runs, and that would also be worth two points if correct.

(Note on the entry forms.  For any prediction involving the prediction of a player, I have players in there that I believe will be on the postseason roster.  As far as I am aware, it hasn't been announced yet.  If something changes and the roster is different than expected, I will adjust as soon as I can.)

Entry Forms

Click here to make your predictions for NLDS Game 1
Predictions lock at 1:07 PM CDT on 10/1

Click here to make your predictions for NLDS Game 2
Predictions lock at 4:07 PM CDT on 10/2


Prediction Summaries

Click here to view all predictions for NLDS Game 1

Click here to view all predictions for NLDS Game 2


With all of the changes coming for the playoffs, I think it would be a good time to go through the rules again.  All of the rules will be posted after the jump, along with a table containing the scoring for the NLDS.

Playoff Scoring

Scoring key in Prediction Summaries

Light Blue - 1 Point
Medium Blue - 2 Points
Dark Blue - 3 Points
Black - 4 Points
Gold - 5 Points

Red - Correct bonus prediction that is worth 0 Points


Rules Review

For the playoffs, here are the predictions that you need to make:

  • Attendance
  • Brewers' Line Score
  • Opponent's Line Score
  • Brewers' MVP by WPA
  • Sausage Race (Home Only)
  • Extra Prediction
  • Bonus Prediction

Here's a breakdown for each prediction.

  • Attendance - This prediction will work out differently than during the regular season.  Since this will be an easier prediction to make, here's how it will work.  The 20% of people closest to the actual attendance will get two points.  If 30 people make predictions, then 6 will get points.  If 40 people make predictions, then 8 will get points.  That's how it will work.  (Edit:  If you manage to hit the attendance exactly during a game in the playoffs, I'll double your points to four.)
  • Line Score - Predict the line score for each team.  Correct run and hit predictions are worth two points, and correct error predictions are worth one point.  If you get the line score perfect for a team, you will get an additional two points.
  • Brewers' MVP by WPA - Predict the Brewers' MVP for the game by WPA.  This is by total WPA (for pitchers, this means that pitching and batting is accounted for).  Correct predictions get two points.
  • Sausage Race - This is a home game only prediction.  Predict the winner of the sausage race.  Correct predictions get two points.
  • Extra Prediction - This is a prediction that will vary by game for the playoffs.  Points and rules will vary by prediction.  Check out the prediction for each game for the specific rules.
  • Bonus Prediction - This is just a random prediction that you will make about something that will happen during the game.  If you are correct, the number of points you will score for that prediction will vary based on how often that prediction occurs.

    31% of more of games - 0 points
    21-30% of games - 1 point
    11-20% of games - 2 points
    2-10% of games - 3 points
    1% or less of games - 5 points

    For starters, the percentages are based only on the number of times it has occurred in games they have played.  For relievers or bench players, the percentage is based on number of games the team has played.  During the playoffs, I'll mainly use the stats from the regular season to judge these predictions.

Here are the rules for making predictions.

  • Predictions must be made through the provided forms on the post for each game.  
  • Predictions can be made any time after the forms are posted.
  • Predictions must be in by the start of the game, though I will allow a grace period of five minutes after the lock time to get them in.
  • Only one prediction set may be made by any person each day.  You are allowed to update your prediction as many times as you want, but only the last version of it counts.
  • Scoring will be cumulative for each playoff series, but will start over for each new series.

That's all there is to it.  Feel free to post any questions you have about the competition.