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Cardinals 4, Brewers 2: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On Yovani Gallardo:

He gave up three runs today, that's not that bad. I thought he threw the ball pretty good. His fastball, he missed a couple of spots, and that hurt him. Curveball was outstanding today. Cutter, slider was kind of off and on but curveball was outstanding. He gave up runs in the first three innings and then threw the ball pretty good.

On fly balls hit to the warning track against Kyle Lohse:

Oh yeah, we would've had a lot of runs if we were in our ballpark.

Corey, the first one he hit hard and the next one he really got. Braunie really crushed his, but then again (Matt) Holliday hammered his ball too. So the elements sometimes worked against you but I was ok with the we swung the bat and real happy with the way we came back in the ninth, that was good.

I listened to it three times and still have no idea what this question was about:

Yeah, he's been really tough.  

On Casey McGehee limping off the field in the eighth inning:

Fouled it off his leg, then fouled it off his calf and the calf cramped up on him.

On Taylor Green getting some playing time at second:

Just wanted his bat in there to pinch hit and he's played a lot of second base. With Jerry Hairston down we thought, instead of having to use Josh (Wilson)  there that we'd just keep him in.

On Green going 4-for-4 as a pinch hitter.

No, he's doing a good job. A little luck involved today but he's doing a good job.

On Yovani Gallardo's back-to-back bad starts:

Yeah, they had three big boys who can hit a lot of homers. 

On the elements factoring into tonight's game:

Yeah, it changes things. (Jon) Jay, he hit his ball well to right. It wasn't like the wind was the only reason that went out. That's a homer. But yeah, it hurt a lot of balls.

On Matt Holliday:

Yeah, he goes the other way really well.