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Brew Crew Blasts, #5: Braun's Opening Act

This is Part Six of a ten part series looking at the Brewers' longest home runs of 2011, as measured by Hit Tracker Online. The first five parts in the series can be accessed here:

Rank Hitter Distance Date Link
6 Ryan Braun
444 feet April 3
Post (w/ video)
7 Prince Fielder 443 feet July 5 Post (w/ video)
8 Corey Hart 443 feet July 19 Post (w/ video)
9 Rickie Weeks 443 feet September 27 Post (w/ video)
10 Corey Hart 441 feet May 23 Post (w/ video)

Yesterday we discussed a long home run Braun hit off Bronson Arroyo on Opening Weekend in Cincinnati. As it turns out, that was only his second longest homer of the series.

The Brewers opened the 2011 season with a massive power display, as Rickie Weeks and Carlos Gomez led off the game with back-to-back homers off Edinson Volquez. The longest homer of the day, however, was this Braun blast in the fifth inning:

That ball traveled an estimated 445 feet, making it the fourth longest homer of Braun's career.

The Brewers, of course, went on to lose this game but got the last laugh by winning eight of their last 13 against the Reds to even the season series while winning the NL Central.