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Fun Facts: Division Series Day 7

Barring something unforeseen, the best round of division series ever will end today. Come join us for the last two contests.

Nick Laham - Getty Images

I'll admit it, I'm going to miss these series when they're over.

By the time you read this the Orioles and Yankees (series tied 2-2) will already be playing their decisive Game Five in New York. CC Sabathia (3.38 ERA, 3.33 FIP regular season, 2.08 ERA, 1.83 FIP postseason) takes the mound against Jason Hammel (3.43 ERA, 3.29 FIP regular season, 3.18 ERA, 3.45 FIP postseason).

Fun fact: The Yankees posted a .790 OPS as a team during the regular season, easily the highest in baseball. The Orioles, at .728, were 12th and are the second-lowest ranked team remaining in the playoffs (only the Giants at .724 are lower).

Then at 7:30 we'll see the final LDS game, as the Cardinals take on the Nationals in Washington (series tied 2-2). Gio Gonzalez (2.89 ERA, 2.82 FIP regular season, 3.60 ERA, 5.29 FIP postseason) will take on Adam Wainwright (3.94 ERA, 3.10 FIP regular season, 1.59 ERA, 1.15 FIP postseason).

Fun fact: In Game One of this series Gio Gonzalez became the first starting pitcher to walk seven opposing batters for the winning team since Livan Hernandez did it for the Marlins in the 1997 World Series.

Both games are on TBS.