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Juan Perez, 2012 Brewer You May Have Already Forgotten, Is A Minor League Free Agent

Another brief member of the 2012 Brewers will test his luck on the free agent market this winter.

Hannah Foslien - Getty Images

In this morning's Mug we mentioned that relievers Vinnie Chulk and Tim Dillard had elected to become minor league free agents. Apparently another former member of the Brewer bullpen joined suit, as is reporting Juan Perez has decided to move on.

Perez's Brewer career got off to an ignominious start when he missed most of spring training with a punctured lung. He eventually worked his way up to the big leagues during the Crew's midseason bullpen meltdown but appeared in just ten games, posting a 5.14 ERA over seven innings.

Perez's final Brewer appearance came on June 17 of this year, when he faced one batter in the 15th inning of a game against the Twins and allowed a walkoff hit. He did, however, post a 3.60 ERA and strike out over 12 batters per nine for Nashville in 40 innings.

Perez is left-handed and throws hard, so it seems likely he'll find more work somewhere. He's also 34 years old, though, and the Brewers were his seventh organization.