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So It Turns Out Francisco Rodriguez Got Arrested In September

Apparently the arrest was for domestic violence, although no charges have been filed.

Mike McGinnis - Getty Images

Francisco Rodriguez's Brewer tenure is all but over, but the official end can't come soon enough. Tonight out of the blue we got this tweet from Jon Heyman:

This, of course, isn't Rodriguez's first brush with trouble: He was also arrested as a Met for an incident involving his girlfriend's father. We don't know any details here and K-Rod is, of course, innocent until proven guilty but this doesn't look good.

What's more interesting to me, though, is this: Here are the games K-Rod appeared in during September/October:

September 2
September 4
September 5
September 7
September 8
September 11
September 15
September 20
September 23
September 26
September 27
September 28
October 1
October 2
October 3

At some point during that stretch K-Rod was arrested. I guess this hasn't been confirmed, but you'd assume the Brewers had to know he'd been arrested for domestic violence. And it appears they kept on using him as if nothing were wrong. He appeared in six of the team's final eight games.

UPDATE: The CBS 58 story says K-Rod was arrested on September 17. The Brewers issued a statement saying they were aware of the arrest, but nothing else.