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Edwin Maysonet Is A Minor League Free Agent

Another 2012 Brewer appears to be moving on.

Mike McGinnis - Getty Images

According to MLB Trade Rumors Edwin Maysonet (along with Juan Perez, who we've already discussed) has filed for minor league free agency. Maysonet appeared in 30 games as a Brewer this season and hit .250/.297/.350 with a grand slam that accounted for all four of his RBI.

Maysonet will turn 31 on Wednesday and 2012 was his tenth professional season. He's a career ,255/.328/.369 hitter in the minors and his primary value comes from his ability to play shortstop and second base.

Having Jean Segura and Jeff Bianchi on the roster means the Brewers probably don't have a need for Maysonet at the major league level, but even before they came on board the writing was more or less on the wall for him: At various points over the last two seasons the Brewers left Maysonet in AAA while Yuniesky Betancourt, Cesar Izturis and Cody Ransom were their regulars at shortstop.

Maysonet's departure leaves the Brewers pretty thin at shortstop in AAA. Their primary starters for Nashville this season were Jeff Bianchi, who projects to be a 2013 Brewer, and Maysonet. Huntsville's primary shortstop this season was veteran journeyman Tommy Manzella, who has also been released. Unless the Brewers re-sign Maysonet, they'll likely have to raid the minor league free agent market to find his replacement.