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Stat of the Night: Pitchers Hitting Home Runs

Clayton Richard is the third opposing pitcher to hit a home run off of the Brewers this season.

Mike McGinnis - Getty Images

Pitchers hitting home runs off of the Brewers can be extremely demoralizing. In tonight's game, Clayton Richard became the third pitcher this year to hit a home run off of a Brewers pitcher. Here are the other pitchers:

Date Pitcher Team Inning # of Runs Hit Off Of
08/28/2012 Travis Wood Cubs 3rd 1 Yovani Gallardo
09/30/2012 Jordan Lyles Astros 5th 1 Mike Fiers
10/01/2012 Clayton Richard Padres 3rd 1 Shaun Marcum

By comparison, Brewers pitchers have only hit two home runs this season: Zack Greinke's home run on July 24th against the Phillies, and Yovani Gallardo's home run on September 2nd against the Pirates.