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Stat Of The Night: Catcher Slams

Martin Maldonado drove home the Brewers' first four runs with his first grand slam tonight. You probably won't be able to guess which Brewer catcher hit three of them.

Mike McGinnis - Getty Images

A bench and rookie-filled Brewer lineup scored four runs in the third inning tonight when Norichika Aoki singled, Ryan Braun walked, Travis Ishikawa walked and Martin Maldonado hit a 444-foot blast to left for his first career grand slam. You can see video of the blast here.

Maldonado's slam was the 150th in franchise history, and he's the 13th Brewer catcher ever to hit one:

Catcher Grand Slams
Raul Casanova 3
Johnny Estrada 2
Mike Matheny 2
B.J. Surhoff 2
Darrell Porter 2
Jonathan Lucroy 2
Joe Oliver 1
Bill Schroeder 1
Henry Blanco 1
Damian Miller 1
Eddie Perez 1
Chad Moeller 1
Martin Maldonado 1

Maldonado is the second Brewer catcher to hit his first career slam in 2012: Both of Lucroy's blasts also came this season.

The Brewers, by the way, have hit seven slams this season. The franchise record is ten, set in 1995. Unless they have a really big day tomorrow, they're going to fall short of that mark.