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Brewers Announce Ten Bobblehead Days For 2013

They'll announce the specific honorees one-by-one between October 29-November 9

UPDATE: A friend just sent me this email:

I clicked on the link and Aoki’s picture popped up before it was covered up with a question mark. Pretty funny. I hope I didn’t ruin your surprise.

Aoki getting a 2013 bobble would hardly qualify as a surprise, although when I clicked the link I wasn't able to see any pictures.

From a Brewer promotional email:

In 2013, we've slated not one, not six, but 10 All-Fan Giveaway dates where every fan in attendance will receive a bobblehead featuring different Brewers personnel. The bobbles could feature current players, alumni, mascots, etc. — and we'll be revealing them across all of our social media platforms each weekday beginning next Monday, October 29 through Friday, November 9.

The Brewers gave away six bobbles in 2012, so this is a pretty significant increase. They're inviting fans to guess the honorees via a promotion they're calling #GUESSBREW on Bernie Brewer's Twitter page.

The 2012 bobbles featured Jonathan Lucroy, Yovani Gallardo, Nyjer Morgan, The Italian Sausage, Bob Uecker and Aramis Ramirez. The 2011 bobbles were John Axford, Casey McGehee, Zack Greinke, the Hot Dog, Craig Counsell and Randy Wolf.

The Brewers' ten bobblehead days in 2013 are likely to be the most in all of baseball. They also led baseball with seven two years ago.