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Today In Brewer History: Dave Nilsson Heads Out

On this day in history Australia's most notable baseball career came to an end.

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Dave Nilsson is widely accepted as a pioneer for Australian baseball. When he made his major league debut in 1992 he was game's first Australian big leaguer in over 90 years. The catcher/first baseman played eight very good seasons in Milwaukee, hitting .284/.356/.461 over 837 games, but his major league career came to an end on this day in 1999 when he became a free agent.

The story was that Nilsson wanted wanted to play for Australia in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, but couldn't find a major league team that would allow him to leave for the games and instead played for Chunichi in Japan. He struggled mightily in Japan, though, and never again found a major league opportunity in the states.

He did, however, play for Australia again in the 2004 Olympics in Athens as part of their silver medal-winning team.

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