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Bovada Gives Brewers 25/1 Odds To Win 2013 World Series

They're tied with four other teams as the 14th most likely to win it all next season.

Ezra Shaw

The dust has hardly settled on the 2012 World Series, but yesterday Bovada unveiled their odds for all 30 teams to win the 2013 Fall Classic. They've got the Brewers at 25:1, tied with three other teams for 14th on the list (including 2012 playoff teams Oakland and Baltimore). Here are the top and bottom five:

Top five:

Team Odds
Tigers 6:1
Yankees 7:1
Giants 10:1
Rangers, Nationals or Angels 12:1

Bottom five:

Team Odds
Cubs 75:1
Indians 75:1
Rockies 75:1
Royals 75:1
Astros 150:1

Extrapolating a little more from the data, the Brewers are the third most likely NL Central team to win the World Series, behind the division's two representatives in the 2012 playoffs:

Team Odds
Cardinals 14:1
Reds 14:1
Brewers 25:1
Pirates 30:1
Cubs 75:1

All told, these numbers feel about right for me. What do you think?