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Brewers Somehow Go Three Decades Without Gold Glove

The 2012 Gold Gloves were announced tonight and, for the 30th consecutive season, no Brewers were honored.


If you were too busy watching the NBA's Opening Night (hey, someone might be), then you might have missed the Gold Glove announcement show on ESPN2 tonight. With that said, if you were looking for a Brewer you didn't miss anything. Two Brewers were nominated for Gold Glove awards, but for the 30th consecutive season no Brewers won one.

Here's a sentence I never expected to write before about August of this season: Aramis Ramirez was the Brewers' best shot to win a Gold Glove this year. He did not, of course, as Chase Headley of the Padres did. Ramirez now has zero Gold Gloves over 15 major league seasons.

Ryan Braun was also nominated, but finished behind Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies. Braun is an elite athlete, of course, but "Gold Glove-caliber" is probably an overstatement of his work out in left field.

The Brewers won nine Gold Gloves between 1970-82, but haven't received one since Robin Yount won the award at shortstop in 1982. George Scott has five of the Brewers' nine awards.

To put that in perspective, the Brewers entered this season as one of just four teams that haven't won a Gold Glove since 2007:

Team Last Winner Season Drought
Brewers Robin Yount 1982 30 years
Marlins Luis Castillo/Mike Lowell 2005 7 years
Giants Omar Vizquel 2006 6 years
Athletics Eric Chavez 2006 6 years

The A's drought ended tonight when Josh Reddick won in right field, and the Marlins ended theirs when Mark Buehrle won at pitcher.

So the Brewers don't just have the longest drought: Their drought is 400% longer than the new second place. That's really pretty incredible.