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Thanks For A Great Season!

The Brewers are done playing games for 2012, but there is no offseason here.

Nicole Haase, via Twitter

Good morning folks,

I wanted to take a moment this morning to thank all of you for making Brew Crew Ball a part of your day and your Brewer fanhood. This was our eighth season covering the team and, while it wasn't always the best season on the field, it was still a very good season here.

With that said, this morning I also wanted to remind you that there is no offseason here at BCB. We're here all winter long producing fresh Brewer content daily to help you count down the days to spring training and Opening Day 2013. As always we've got some great offseason features planned and we'll be here each weekday morning with the Frosty Mug to keep you up to date on all the latest developments.

With that said, the Mug is off today and tomorrow while my wife and I take a quick postseason mini-vacation. We've got lots of great stuff planned to help you fill the time, though, including some guest features I'm pretty excited to see.

Thanks again for stopping by, and please stick around to see what we've got coming up!