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Prognostikeggers 2012 - Season Wrapup

Wrapping up the season of Prognostikeggers today with the final results from the season.

Mike McGinnis - Getty Images

The season is now over. It was another successful season of Prognostikeggers. Over 9300 points were scored. Over 100 different people submitted a total of more than 3800 daily entries. 166 entries were awarded for the prize drawing. 16 different people won a weekly matchup. In the end, it all added up to one wild season.

The final week of the season went to Bush League All Star, who led four different days of the week on route to his first weekly win since Week 9. It was a blowout of a win as well, as he had a 7 point lead over dikapalooza for the lead spot. The run gave Bush League All Star fifth place in the final overall standings for the last part of the season. It wasn't enough to stop icecreamman, who blew out the competition to win the final part of the Prognostikeggers season. Rounding out the top five were dikapalooza in second, aaronetc in third, and GoldenFrank in fourth.

You couldn't find anyone else who dominated this season as much as icecreamman did. Over the full 2012 season, he ended with a total of 506 points scored, along with seven weekly wins and the overall win for the first and third parts of the season. The next closest competitor was aaronetc, who scored a total of 481 points over the course of the year, and also took four weeks and the overall win for the second part of the season. After those two, it wasn't even close. A few people were hovering just below 400 points for the season, but that's it. The closest may have been Bush League All Star, with 393 points and three weekly wins.

With that, the Prognostikeggers season comes to a close. For those of you wondering about next season, I can't make any promises for now. I'll take some time to evaluate the season and will decide if any changes need to be made. For now, it's time for a break.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year and made this contest a success. Enjoy the offseason, and we will see you around the site and hopefully back here at Brew Crew Ball for the 2013 season.

Daily Winners for the Past Series: Congratulations to the following people, who earned entries into the prize drawing with daily wins in the past series.

October 1: Bush League All Star, icecreamman, aaronetc
October 2: Bush League All Star
October 3: dikapalooza

Weekly & Overall Winners

Week 1 dvtpz, steaksandwiches
Week 2 MichaelE1, vandecm
Week 3 gavitron9
Week 4 Kid19
Week 5 icecreamman
Week 6 Kid19
Week 7 Bush League All Star, Michael E1
Week 8 the notorious r.d.m
Week 1-8 Overall icecreamman

Week 9 Bush League All Star, Mike2k33
Week 10 dvtpz
Week 11 dikapalooza
Week 12 aaronetc, icecreamman
Week 13 aaronetc, icecreamman
Week 14 dikapalooza
Week 15 aaronetc
Week 16 aaronetc
Week 9-16 Overall aaronetc

Week 17 icecreamman
Week 18 icecreamman
Week 19 AcesHigh
Week 20 ballacksrise
Week 21 icecreamman
Week 22 icecreamman
Week 23 molitorfan
Week 24 Bush League All Star
Week 17-24 Overall icecreamman

Flnal Standings for Week 24

Overall Standings

Scoring Summary

October 1 Scoring

Attendance 30398 2 Correct
Runs 5 Runs 4 Correct
Hits 10 Hits 4 Correct
Errors 1 Error 2 Correct
MVP Shaun Marcum 1 Correct
Sausage Race Polish 4 Correct
Extra – Game Score 50 1 Correct @ 2 Points, 7 Correct @ 1 Point

Bonus Predictions

dikapalooza 2 Points Aoki SB
Bush League All Star 2 Points Weeks HR

October 2 Scoring

Attendance 30714 8 Correct
Runs 4 Runs 0 Correct
Hits 5 Hits 0 Correct
Errors 0 Errors 10 Correct
MVP Martin Maldonado 0 Correct
Sausage Race Hot Dog 3 Correct
Extra – Game Score 54 7 Correct @ 2 Points, 2 Correct @ 1 Point

Bonus Predictions

GoldenFrank 2 Points Brewers use 6+ pitchers

October 3 Scoring

Attendance 34451 2 Correct
Runs 6 Runs 3 Correct
Hits 7 Hits 0 Correct
Errors 1 Error 1 Correct
MVP Josh Stinson 0 Correct
Sausage Race Hot Dog 3 Correct
Extra – Game Score 50 6 Correct @ 2 Points, 3 Correct @ 1 Point

Bonus Predictions

dikapalooza 2 Points Brewers steal 3+ bases
icecreamman 1 Point A pitcher for either team has a blown save.