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Ryan Braun Nominated For NL MVP

The defending champion is guaranteed a spot in the top five in the voting again this season.

Scott Boehm

The BBWAA announced the nominees for their major postseason awards on MLB Network tonight, and as expected defending NL MVP Ryan Braun was selected as one of five candidates for the award again in 2012.

Braun joins Padres third baseman Chase Headley, Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen, Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina and Giants catcher Buster Posey among the candidates, with the winner to be announced on Thursday, November 15. Braun is the only player who finished in the top ten in MVP voting last season to be nominated for the award this season:

Rank 2011 NL MVP Voting
1st Ryan Braun
2nd Matt Kemp
3rd Prince Fielder
4th Justin Upton
5th Albert Pujols
6th Joey Votto
7th Lance Berkman
8th Troy Tulowitzki
9th Roy Halladay
10th Ryan Howard

Aramis Ramirez did not make the list of five nominees, but it's still possible he could finish in the top ten in the voting.

The BBWAA also announced three nominees each tonight for the Rookie and Manager of the Year Awards and the Cy Young. No Brewers were among the nominees for any of those awards, meaning Norichika Aoki's fringe candidacy for RoY is over.