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Brew Crew Blasts, #10: Gomez Goes Deep

We're starting our look at 2012's longest Brewer home runs with this Gomez blast from July.


Brew Crew Blasts is a look at the ten longest home runs hit by Brewer batters during the 2012 season, as measured by Hit Tracker Online. The series starts today and will run once each weekday for the next two weeks.

It's possible no Brewer is stronger than Carlos Gomez, but over the years he's struggled to make consistent enough contact to take advantage of it. When he makes solid contact, though, he's capable of sending the ball a long way.

Unfortunately, one of the longest of his 19 bombs in 2012 was largely inconsequential. The Brewers trailed the Nationals 8-0 in the eighth inning at Miller Park on July 26 when Gomez broke up the shutout with this blast:

That ball went an estimated 439 feet and was clocked at 109.8 mph off Gomez's bat. According to Hit Tracker, this was the fifth longest home run allowed by a Nationals pitcher all season. The Brewers have another one in the top five, which we'll see later this week.