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Wednesday's Frosty Mug: We Need A Little Greinkemas

On the second anniversary of the 2010 Zack Greinke trade, can the Brewers make a move to turn around an underwhelming offseason?

Jonathan Daniel

Some things to read while doing the next best thing.

The Brewers are bringing back 2012's full major league coaching staff for 2013, and for the most part that lack of change will also extend to the minors. The Brewers announced next season's minor league coaches yesterday and nearly all of last year's staff returns in the same role. Follow that link for quotes from Wisconsin manager and Appleton native Matt Erickson on getting to spend another season close to home.

Meanwhile, in free agency:

If the Brewers don't make a move to bring in another starting pitcher, they'll almost certainly have to rely heavily on Mike Fiers in the 2013 rotation. Nicholas Zettel of Disciples of Uecker has a look at Fiers' release point and how it may have changed as the season went along in 2012.

Corey Hart's power stroke, however, remained consistent as he hit 30 home runs for the second time in three seasons. One of those homers was the longest of his career and the fourth longest hit by a Brewer in 2012.

In the minors:

Around baseball:

Indians: Designated 1B/OF Russ Canzler for assignment.
Mets: Acquired outfielder Collin Cowgill from the Athletics for a minor leaguer.

In former Brewers: Charlie O'Brien, Troy O'Leary, Jeff D'Amico, J.J. Hardy and B.J. Surhoff are among the players honored on Value Over Replacement Grit's "All-Punctuation Mark" Team.

Today in baseball economics: Ballpark revenues at Citi Field in New York have fallen steadily each year since the park opened in 2009, and were down to $118.6 million in 2012. The Mets drew 2.2 million fans this season. (h/t MetsBlog)

Today's most interesting sabermetric study comes from Matthew Carruth of FanGraphs, who looks at how baseball's strike zone changes based on the hitter's handedness and count. The change is really pretty notable.

There's so much history today we're going to have to break out the bullet points:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to find my camera.

Drink up.