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Brew Crew Blasts Bonus: "Gifts" To Return

Now that the season's over we can laugh about these long home runs given up by Brewer pitchers...right?

Mike McGinnis

Brew Crew Blasts is a look at the ten longest home runs hit by Brewer batters during the 2012 season, as measured by Hit Tracker Online, and some other home run-related tidbits that caught my attention. This is the third week for the daily series, and here are the home runs we've already covered:

10) Carlos Gomez against the Nationals on July 26, 439 feet
9) Aramis Ramirez against the Royals on June 14, 440 feet
Rickie Weeks against the Padres on October 1, 441 feet

Carlos Gomez against the Diamondbacks on June 30, 442 feet
Rickie Weeks against the Nationals on July 29, 443 feet
Ryan Braun against the Rockies on April 21, 448 feet
4) Corey Hart against the Twins on May 20, 449 feet

3) Aramis Ramirez against the Mets on September 16, 458 feet
Ryan Braun against the Cubs on August 30, 460 feet

Rickie Weeks against the Cardinals on July 17, 462 feet

Today is the busiest day of the year for returns, as we rush out to stores to get something in exchange for gifts that don't fit, physically or otherwise. As such, today seemed like as good a day as any to look at five gifts I wish we could give back, the longest home runs hit against the Brewers this season.

5) Jay Bruce of the Reds off Marco Estrada, May 7 (video)

Honestly, when you watch this highlight it's hard to believe this one is only #5. Jay Bruce crushed this Marco Estrada offering over the Toyota Territory in right field at Miller Park as the fifth of five consecutive Red hits to blow the game open.

Hit Tracker says that ball went 442 feet and was clocked at 108 mph coming off Bruce's bat.

4) Eric Hosmer of the Royals off Shaun Marcum, June 14 (video)

A 1-0 lead evaporated for the Brewers on one sixth inning pitch as Shaun Marcum left a ball up and Eric Hosmer nearly drove it into the Kauffman Stadium fountains in right field.

Hit Tracker says that ball traveled 450 feet and was the third longest homer allowed at Kauffman all season.

3) Garrett Jones of the Pirates off Shaun Marcum, June 2 (video)

Marcum also carried a 1-0 lead in the fourth inning of this game, but erased it quickly when Garrett Jones hit a ball so far to right that Corey Hart barely turned around to look at it. Fortunately, it was the only run the Brewers allowed in a 5-1 win.

Hit Tracker measured that one at 451 feet, making it the third longest home run at Miller Park in 2012 and the longest by a visiting player.

2) Paul Golschmidt of the Diamondbacks off Randy Wolf, May 27 (video)

Wolf actually allowed three of the longest seven home runs hit against the Brewers in 2012. He and Marcum also combined for six of the top nine. This one was the longest, and it was a majestic shot for Paul Goldschmidt off the center field scoreboard at Chase Field.

That ball went 452 feet, although Hit Tracker says it picked up two additional feet due to the altitude in Arizona.

1) Ryan Ludwick of the Reds off Livan Hernandez, June 27

Ludwick's second home run of the day was the more impressive one, as an FS Ohio camera crew wasn't even able to confirm it came down:

That ball went 469 feet and was the longest homer hit at Great American Ball Park this year.It was the longest homer a Brewer pitcher has allowed since Joey Votto and Adam Dunn each hit 473 footers against Braden Looper and Carlos Villanueva in 2009.

What might be most impressive about that shot is the fact that Ludwick supplied all the power. That pitch was only an 85 mph fastball from Hernandez, thrown down in the zone.

For my money, however, the most impressive homer hit off a Brewer pitcher in 2012 wasn't on this list. This Edwin Encarnacion shot off Randy Wolf in June might have been the hardest hit ball I've ever seen. It went 440 feet, which puts it in sixth place.