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Brew Crew Blasts Bonus: The Weird Stuff

Everyone likes an unusual home run. Here are a dozen of them.

Mike McGinnis

Brew Crew Blasts is a look at the ten longest home runs hit by Brewer batters during the 2012 season, as measured by Hit Tracker Online, and some other home run-related tidbits that caught my attention. This is the third week for the daily series, and here are the home runs we've already covered:

10) Carlos Gomez against the Nationals on July 26, 439 feet
9) Aramis Ramirez against the Royals on June 14, 440 feet
Rickie Weeks against the Padres on October 1, 441 feet

Carlos Gomez against the Diamondbacks on June 30, 442 feet
Rickie Weeks against the Nationals on July 29, 443 feet
Ryan Braun against the Rockies on April 21, 448 feet
4) Corey Hart against the Twins on May 20, 449 feet

3) Aramis Ramirez against the Mets on September 16, 458 feet
Ryan Braun against the Cubs on August 30, 460 feet

Rickie Weeks against the Cardinals on July 17, 462 feet

Home runs come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of 2012's most unusual:

The shortest*:

We have a tie for the biggest bang-for-your-buck in 2012, as two Brewers got a round-tripper despite hitting a ball just 353 feet. Ryan Braun's ball was a little slower off the bat, so we'll give him the nod for this fly ball to right against the Phillies on August 18:

The runners-up:

2) Norichika Aoki against the Cubs on June 7, 353 feet (video)
3) Martin Maldonado against the Reds on August 6, 354 feet (

* - Of course, Norichika Aoki's inside-the-park shot on April 20 was 2012's real shortest home run. I limited this list to homers that cleared the wall.

The lowest:

You don't need to hit a ball high to hit it out. Alex Gonzalez launched this line drive at an 18.5 degree elevation angle and it was never higher than 58 feet but it still cleared the center field fence at Busch Stadium on April 28:

The runners-up:

2) Ryan Braun against the Astros on April 23, elevation angle of 19 degrees (video)
3) Ryan Braun against the Phillies on August 17, elevation angle of 20 degrees (video)

The Highest:

We mentioned this Corey Hart home run from July 3 the other day, as Hit Tracker identified it as 2012's luckiest Brewer home run. Hart hit it at an elevation angle of 39.4 degrees, which allowed the wind to pick it up and carry it out:

The runners-up:

2) Corey Hart against the Diamondbacks on May 25, elevation angle of 39.1 degrees (video)
3) Martin Maldonado against the Reds on August 6, elevation angle of 38.6 degrees (

The fastest:

As we've established previously, no Brewer hits the ball quite like Rickie Weeks. As evidence, let me show you this home run which left his bat traveling 113.6 mph:

The runners up:

2) Ryan Braun against the Pirates on September 2, 113.3 mph
3) Carlos Gomez against the Cubs on August 20, 111.9 mph