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The Brewers Have New BP Caps, Which I Won't Wear

They look a lot like caps I've seen before and don't wear, either.


Over at ESPN Paul Lukas (of Uni Watch fame) has a look at baseball's new batting practice caps for 2013. Teams get new non-gamer caps every three or four years, presumably as a cash grab more than anything.

Lukas notes that nine of the 36 new caps (one new one for every team, plus six alternates) have a "contrast-colored front panel" that was popular during the 1970's. The Brewer caps are two of those nine. Let's start with the current logo version:



Lukas gives this cap a "C" grade, and says it's "a look that doesn't feel right for the Brewers' current design motif." I own one from the old design, and hopefully it'll last me 3-4 more years because I have no interest in the new one.

Meanwhile, here's the retro version:



Lukas is much more positive on this, giving it an A-. Long-time readers of the site may recall that I've long wanted the Brewers to retire this logo in an effort to focus on the present, but I know I'm in the vast minority there so I'll leave it at that.

All told I feel like the contrasting front panel just makes both caps look like trucker caps, a fad I thought we'd finally moved past.