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Today In Brewer History: Happy Birthday, Devon White

The only Jamaican-born player in Brewer franchise history turns 50 today.


On this day in 1962 Devon White was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He went to high school in New York, was drafted by the Angels in the sixth round of the 1981 draft and four years later he made his major league debut as a September callup in 1985.

White was a seven-time Gold Glover, three-time All Star and a member of three World Championship teams when he joined the Brewers for the 2001 season, and had one of his best offensive seasons in his final major league campaign. Devo hit .277/.343/.459 for the Crew, posting single-season bests in both on base percentage and slugging. He was also 18-for-21 in stolen base attempts.

White's biggest claim to fame as a Brewer may be this: On May 10, 15 and 20 of his lone season in Milwaukee he hit grand slams. That total represents a full 2% of the grand slams in Brewer franchise history, and gave him as many slams in his Brewer career as Robin Yount, Don Money, Richie Sexson and Ryan Braun.

White is also one of just four major leaguers born in Jamaica, and the only Jamaican-born Brewer.

Thanks to the B-Ref Play Index for reminding me that White turns 50 today. We'd also like to wish a happy birthday to: