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Today In Brewer History: Happy Anniversary, Dave Parker

The Brewers signed the former NL MVP and batting champion on this day in 1989.

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The Winter Meetings are baseball's biggest chance for a team to make a splash during the offseason, and that's what the Brewers did on this day in 1989 when they signed DH/outfielder Dave Parker as a free agent.

Parker was 38 at the time of the signing and had already played 17 major league seasons, including hitting .264/.308/.432 with 22 home runs for the 1989 World Champion A's. He was a two-time batting champion, six time All Star, three time Gold Glove award winner and the 1978 NL MVP.

Parker's lone season in Milwaukee was a very good one: He appeared in 157 games for the 1990 Brewers and hit .289/.330/.451, making his final All Star appearance and winning a Silver Slugger award. In spring of 1991 the Brewers traded Parker to the Angels, and he split his final major league season between California and Toronto.

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