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The Brewers And The Winter Meetings

Doug Melvin and the Brewers have a long history of activity during baseball's biggest offseason event.

As the baseball world descends upon Nashville today, it's worth noting that baseball's winter meetings have been the site of some of Doug Melvin's biggest moves as GM of the Brewers. Noah wrote a great post on the subject a year ago, and it's worth revisiting today for more on some of the following moves:

  • Acquiring Scott Podsednik off waivers in 2002.
  • Acquiring Carlos Lee from the White Sox for Podsednik in 2004.
  • Acquiring Dave Bush, Gabe Gross and others from the Blue Jays for Lyle Overbay in 2005.
  • Signing David Riske and Chris Narveson in 2007.
  • Signing LaTroy Hawkins and Randy Wolf in 2009.
  • Acquiring Shaun Marcum from the Blue Jays for Brett Lawrie in 2010.

Again, check out Noah's story from a year ago for more on those moves and many more that weren't made. Brewer fans will spend a lot of time over the next few days monitoring the proceedings in Nashville and they're doing it for good reason, as Doug Melvin's track record would suggest a big move is more likely than not to happen between now and Thursday.