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Twitter Lunch Transcript: December 3, 2012

Today Kyle answered your questions about free agent starters, free agent relievers and much more in his live Twitter chat.

Rampant speculation does seem to be everyone's favorite, so I sat down over a bowl of Sriracha Beer Cheese Soup this afternoon to answer some of your Brewer hot stove questions on the Brew Crew Ball Twitter feed.

Kyle: I think Brandon McCarthy and Dan Haren both represent possibly high value, with some risk. Prefer both to Dempster.

Kyle: I'll go 33.3% at this point. I think he'll end up getting 2/$28-30 with a vesting option for 2015.

Kyle: Dempster, but only because the contract would be less crippling.

Kyle: Part 1 - Probably the starting pitcher they haven't acquired yet. Part 2 - I think Peralta will but Rogers won't. Rogers may stick in the pen, though, because he's out of options.

Kyle: I don't spend much time up on the 300 level. I did the Club Infield once and enjoyed it. For my money, I like the 200 level.

Kyle: I think Gamel's value will be at its highest next spring, if he can show he's healthy and hit a little in camp.

Kyle: This may seem out of left field, but I think it might be Mark Rogers. He's got the stuff for it.

Kyle: 78-80 wins, off the top of my head. They're really only a couple of pieces away, but that bullpen would still be rough.

Kyle: Logan Schafer has a chance to make an impact, as does Wily Peralta. Going to be tough for anyone else to crack roster.

Kyle: Everyone seems to be scared of Haren's health, buying low may be an option. 2 years, vesting opt for 2015, major incentives.

Kyle: I'd love to see them find a power bat. Would add a big time dimension to a soft-hitting bench at present.

Kyle: He's probably worth more to an AL team that can play him @ DH.

Kyle: I told an earlier tweeter that I'd like to see it. I think he's a strong buy low candidate based on his health.

Kyle: A) Someone available on a short team deal, maybe Randy Choate. B) An expensive, shiny hood ornament.

Kyle: The middle road. He won't dominate all the time like he did at his peak, but his control isn't as bad as it was in Sept.

Kyle: Wily Peralta is still RoY-eligible, so I feel like it has to be him.

Kyle: Logan Schafer, then? I think it's going to be really hard for a prospect to crack this roster barring injuries.

Kyle: It's too early to put a name on it, but I do think they'll sign a veteran starter. Not Greinke, but someone from the next tier.

Kyle: Morris needs to hit again next year in AAA before I'm ready to project a Brewer ETA for him. 2012 was a career year.

Kyle: Not concerned. Despite some rough games this team led the NL in runs scored and returns in tact.

Kyle: What's your routine to stay in a rhythm and never have a bad day for 50+ years? How do you avoid burning out?

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, and be sure to follow us @BrewCrewBall to take part in our next Twitter lunch?