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Twitter Lunch Transcript: December 3, 2012

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Today Kyle answered your questions about free agent starters, free agent relievers and much more in his live Twitter chat.

Rampant speculation does seem to be everyone's favorite, so I sat down over a bowl of Sriracha Beer Cheese Soup this afternoon to answer some of your Brewer hot stove questions on the Brew Crew Ball Twitter feed.

Kyle: I think Brandon McCarthy and Dan Haren both represent possibly high value, with some risk. Prefer both to Dempster.

Kyle: I'll go 33.3% at this point. I think he'll end up getting 2/$28-30 with a vesting option for 2015.

Kyle: Dempster, but only because the contract would be less crippling.

Kyle: Part 1 - Probably the starting pitcher they haven't acquired yet. Part 2 - I think Peralta will but Rogers won't. Rogers may stick in the pen, though, because he's out of options.

Kyle: I don't spend much time up on the 300 level. I did the Club Infield once and enjoyed it. For my money, I like the 200 level.

Kyle: I think Gamel's value will be at its highest next spring, if he can show he's healthy and hit a little in camp.

Kyle: This may seem out of left field, but I think it might be Mark Rogers. He's got the stuff for it.

Kyle: 78-80 wins, off the top of my head. They're really only a couple of pieces away, but that bullpen would still be rough.

Kyle: Logan Schafer has a chance to make an impact, as does Wily Peralta. Going to be tough for anyone else to crack roster.

Kyle: Everyone seems to be scared of Haren's health, buying low may be an option. 2 years, vesting opt for 2015, major incentives.

Kyle: I'd love to see them find a power bat. Would add a big time dimension to a soft-hitting bench at present.

Kyle: He's probably worth more to an AL team that can play him @ DH.

Kyle: I told an earlier tweeter that I'd like to see it. I think he's a strong buy low candidate based on his health.

Kyle: A) Someone available on a short team deal, maybe Randy Choate. B) An expensive, shiny hood ornament.

Kyle: The middle road. He won't dominate all the time like he did at his peak, but his control isn't as bad as it was in Sept.

Kyle: Wily Peralta is still RoY-eligible, so I feel like it has to be him.

Kyle: Logan Schafer, then? I think it's going to be really hard for a prospect to crack this roster barring injuries.

Kyle: It's too early to put a name on it, but I do think they'll sign a veteran starter. Not Greinke, but someone from the next tier.

Kyle: Morris needs to hit again next year in AAA before I'm ready to project a Brewer ETA for him. 2012 was a career year.

Kyle: Not concerned. Despite some rough games this team led the NL in runs scored and returns in tact.

Kyle: What's your routine to stay in a rhythm and never have a bad day for 50+ years? How do you avoid burning out?

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, and be sure to follow us @BrewCrewBall to take part in our next Twitter lunch?