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Today In Brewer History: Happy Birthday, Rick Auerbach

On this day in 1950 Frederick Steven Auerbach was born in Woodland Hills, California. The Seattle Pilots drafted him in the seventh round on the 1969 January draft and he had played just 246 games in the minors when the Brewers called him up to make his major league debut in 1971.

Auerbach probably got an extended opportunity in the majors because of his ability to play shortstop but, unfortunately, I'm coming up short on words to describe just how terrible he was offensively. Over 238 career games as a Brewer during three seasons Auerbach hit just .213/.273/.265. Somehow, despite being a complete offensive liability, he played in 153 games in 1972.

The Brewers traded Auerbach in April of 1973 and he managed to hold on to play eight more season in the majors.

Auerbach, who turns 62 today, shares a birthday with new Brewer shortstop Alex Gonzalez, who turns 35. Hopefully that's all they have in common.

(Thanks to and the B-Ref Play Index for helping me find today's birthdays.)