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Milestone Watch, 2012: Ryan Braun

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Obviously, we all know about the questions regarding Ryan Braun in 2012. Depending on the outcome of his pending appeal the reigning NL MVP could be eligible to play 162 games, 112 or something in between this season, and Major League Baseball is taking every possible delay to avoid telling us what's going on. With that said, even if Braun is suspended for the full 50 games there are a fair number of interesting milestones he could pass this season.

First of all, Braun finished the 2011 season with 898 career hits. 102 more will make him the eleventh Brewer to reach 1000:

Brewer Hits
Robin Yount 3142
Paul Molitor 2281
Cecil Cooper 1815
Jim Gantner 1696
Geoff Jenkins 1221
Don Money 1168
Ben Oglivie 1144
B.J. Surhoff 1064
Charlie Moore 1029
Jeff Cirillo 1000

Prince Fielder finished his Brewer career with 996 hits, so Braun needs 99 to pass him for eleventh place. Braun has averaged about 1.23 hits per game for his career, so both Fielder's spot on the list and 1000 should be attainable even if he plays a short season.

Braun also finished the 2011 season with 506 runs scored, tied with Jeff Cirillo for 12th on the Brewer all time list. With 91 runs in 2012 he could move all the way up to sixth:

Rank Player Runs To Pass
6 Don Money 596 91
7 Prince Fielder 571 66
8 Ben Oglivie 567 62
9 Greg Vaughn 528 23
10 Gorman Thomas 524 19
11 Rickie Weeks 523 18*
12 Jeff Cirillo 506 1

* - Obviously, Weeks is still active and will likely add to that total this season.

Braun stole a career-high 33 bases in 2011, and is now 96-for-120 (80% success rate) for his career. Four more steals are all he needs to join Rickie Weeks and nine other Brewers with 100 steals. Braun's success rate is better than most of the others:

Brewer Stolen Bases Success Rate
Scott Podsednik 113 83.1%
Rickie Weeks 100 82.0%
Mike Felder 108 80%
Ryan Braun 96 80%
Tommy Harper 136 78.6%
Paul Molitor 412 78.2%
Pat Listach 112 75.7%
Darryl Hamilton 109 73.2%
Robin Yount 271 72.1%
Jim Gantner 137 63.7%
B.J. Surhoff 102 61.4%